14 October 2013

Fall Fun - Touch-a-truck and Oktoberfest

Wow! Things sure get busy once school starts again.We seem to be going nonstop, whether it be Max's school events, playdates, KU events, or just working on the house to get outdoor chores wrapped up before winter.

A few Saturdays back, Paul had a commitment to a business school event on campus, so Max and I lived it up for the morning at a local Touch a Truck event. Basically, the host place invites all kinds of trucks, TV truck, fire truck, ambulance, police cars, semis, farm vehicles, and then kiddos get to climb all over the place to learn about them.

At this event, Max even got a free construction hat and Hot Wheel.
Sizzler, the mascot of our independent league KC T-Bones.
Max was willing to let Sizzler eat his head as long as he didn't touch the Hot Wheel.

Max also told the firefighters what their job was and how to use their tools.
They were pretty amused. (Actually very nice about all of it.)


Snow plow


Hot Rod with orange flames!

Full from a chicken and noodle lunch (Max ate the corn and a roll), we headed out to meet Dad at home. 

The "don't take a picture while I'm in a silly hat" face

When we met Paul at home, we decided to go buy a tree. I'd had my eye on a weeping Norweigen spruce, and so we just went for it! The good thing is that this tree won't get very tall, so we don't have to worry about the roofline. However, it will add some nice evergreen color to the front garden along with the blue spruce and boxwood.

After planting the tree and cleaning up, we decided to go crazy with our day and head to the St. John's Oktoberfest downtown. Man, between that and their fiesta in the summer, I've decided that church knows how to party.

We ate some german food, drank german beer, and listened to a fab polka band.

Paul with wienerschnitzel

Bierock with homemade sauerkraut

Hot dog

So cool they had two accordions! 

Polka king Max Borchardt

Trying to learn the chicken dance.

Good times. More to come soon as the fun doesn't stop with us. :-)

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