29 October 2013

Random pics from October

So far in October, we've had quite a variety of things going on...

Took Max to see Paul's favorite 810AM sports guys.
Here he is in headset with Nate Bukatey

A dog in the car parked next to us at the library. Max wanted me to take the pic and put it on here.

Homecoming prep from the Spencer Library Terrace

Me and my great friend Rob Riggle. Super nice guy. Really.

The white pumpkin that grew from our mysterious vine.

Pretty happy. All I wanted was one.

Max and my friend Shep. Shep escorted Max through his station in KCK,
showed him the cars, weapons, everything. Pretty cool.

Shep's sarge even gave Max this badge. It's real.
And no, you can't use it.

Another hot cocoa Max/Michelle Williams.

More later...

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