10 September 2013

Wrapping up the summer and back to school!

Wrapping up the summer...

We went to the Vinland Fair in Vinland - just south and slightly east of Lawrence. The smallest fair you ever saw, but it was especially cool because Nan works there with her mom. We enjoyed the animals, the fresh chicken and noodles and homemade pie, and watching the mini-tractor pull. A nice afternoon!

Ham  and Ham Jr.

Max and Aunt Nan! 

We had a spontaneous night on the hill before the "crazy kid college drivers" showed up.
Ham and Ham Jr, part two.

It's as if he can feel the heartbreak coming...

Little man, big thoughts.

Max and the Campanile. 

Moon and Max at Potter's Lake.

Little man, big hill.
 Max hooked up with this guy. Hopefully, Charlie will make us all a little happier this year.
Charlie Weis and Max
The Bostonians were here before school started. Here's a pic Grandma B took at kids sleepover night. I believe Paul, Scott, Julie, and I were well into our steaks and wine at an undisclosed location at this point. :-)

Noelle, Catie, Nick, and Max

Max got his first taste of model railroading thanks to one of Grandpa Joe's friends. Oh boy. And believe me, Uncle Rob is feeding this big time. Oh boy.

Max and I decided to use the fantastic growth from our $3 basil plant to finally make some fresh pesto. Aside from the miracle of it working and tasting great was the greater miracle of Max actually eating it! 

He loves the little food processor. Looks like he's got some hummus in his future.

It's actually on his tongue here. Success! 
Cute chefs with a selfie after cooking!

And finally.... Back to School!

Max in his favorite color with a newly decorated bag for the new year.

So it starts, the last year of preschool before full-time Kindergarten next year. Bittersweet. So school, fall activities, more tennis, fundraisers - wow. We're ready for a busy fall here in Lawrence! 

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