26 August 2013

Wisconsin Trip Part III

On Wednesday afternoon, Grandma and Kelly came to the cottage. Max, who had been thinking about this meeting for weeks, decided it was best to greet Kelly with a Silly String surprise! Little did he know that Kelly had her own Silly String for the battle.

Squirting each other! 
That afternoon, Max and Paul went out on the paddle boat for the first try at "real" fishing. Success!
First fish on his new pole! 
Later in the afternoon, Max had another greeting surprise for Aunt Kelly. We made some of the Mexican Confetti eggs, and Max exploded them on Kelly's head.

Hey, little fella, what's in your hand? 
Boom goes the egg! 

He had some fun. :-) Thanks to Kel for being a good sport! 

Thursday, we headed down south of Minocqua to Blue Lake. Grandpa Joe's cousin, Janine, has a place on that lake. In fact, most of her in-laws and family has places around Blue Lake. It's kind of like a cool compound. We enjoyed our visit to Janine and Aunt Marie (Joe's mom's sister). Lovely time! 
Marie enjoying Max hamming it up for the camera.
Want a side of eggs with that ham?

Family pic with Marie.
Back at White Sand Lake later in the afternoon, Max got to shoot off some quiet fireworks that Kel and I got in Flambeau.
Blue smoke bombs.

Smokey smoker.
Got Dad with the champagne bottle poppers! Thumbs up! 

Poor Grandma!

The little boat smoked and sparked and rode across the board.
But the best part was when the little flag popped at the end. Next year, I will take a video. :-)

Ending lake time Thursday with a paddle boat ride!

Nice pic of Paul, Max, and Kelly. 

A few more pics to come!

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