10 September 2013

Wrapping up Wisconsin

Because it was so warm this year, we just spent lots and lots of time in the water. Yeah! 

Max using the "tool" Phil got him - an inflatable water viewer.

'Sup, mom.

Paul with his giant piece of drift wood.

Max riding the hoggie at the Hoggie Doggie.

Max and Grandpa B on their annual gator ride! 

One last fishing trip on the pontoon.

Bringing her in! 

Eh, not so sure about all of that actual fish stuff.

Eagle in the upper right corner in the trees, creeping on our fishing trip.
Looks hungry.

After a great long week, we headed back home to Kansas.
Max, waking up after a little car nap.

Thunderhead in western Iowa at sunset.

High cirrus scraping the moon. 

Home sweet home. Summer was almost over, and we are moving on to school time!

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