20 August 2013

Wisconsin Summer Trip: Part I - Trains, trains, trains

We took our annual Wisconsin trip a little earlier in July than usual, but that choice turned out to be great. Not only did it work out for Max to go to all of his summer camps here in Lawrence, but we also got to experience some really warm lake weather = lots of water time!

As has now become tradition, we began our trip with a day of driving and training. Last year, we stopped on the way up to ride the St Croix Scenic Railroad. This year, we stopped in Boone, IA, to visit the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad. Paul researched it, and he found that on Saturdays, a steam engine (Max's favorite kind) pulls the train.

In truth, it was one of the cooler trains we've ridden. The scenery was unexpected for the middle of IA, streams, valleys, tall bridges - not just cornfields here. We road in the top of the bi-level passenger car. Max got a real kick out of all of it.

Max's rendition of a steam engine. Pretty cute.

Checking out the train before the ride.

There she is, steam and all! 


Looking back at the rest of the train.

Max and Daddy doing the train dance in front of our car.

Sitting at the top of the bi-level car.
Of course, there were fields. It is Iowa, people.

One of the signs along the trip.

View from atop the Bass Creek Point High Bridge.
 The engine released steam so it would produce a rainbow. Alas, we had no sun though.

Happy Camper

At the turnaround point, the engine pulls onto the siding and goes up to the front of the train to pull us back to Boone.

Engine and tender car.

Studying the engine as it passes.
My "don't take pictures of me" face.

Max with our guide in the back. He was a pretty cool old dude with great stories! 

Putting in the water from the water tower.

Inscription on side of engine.

Characters on wheel covers.


Inside the station, they had a train going above head.

Inside the museum, they had models, tons of memorabilia, and a library.
 These pictures of the library at the museum are for my brother Rob. :-)

It was a cool train, and I'd definitely consider going back. Boone is one of the only towns in the US with steam, diesel, and electric trains running concurrently. Pretty neat stuff.

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