24 August 2013

Wisconsin Trip: Part II - Fun times!

 After the train trip, we headed on up into Minnesota and landed at an Eagan hotel. It was a quiet and relaxing night, particularly eerie considering that as we sat in the pool, the world around us was reacting to the Trayvon Martin trial verdict. Eagan, MN, seemed quietly isolated. So, though cold was the air and cold was the water, we swam and let out the day.

Me watching Paul watching Max watching the moon.

The next morning, we headed into Wisconsin, stopping at a fun restaurant in Wausau for lunch.

Spaghetti Max!

He's so cute here, but he also looks old. *sigh*

 For the first couple of days up north at the cottage, we overlapped our time with Nancy Helm, administrator in the pharm school, and her daughter, Amanda, and son-in-law, Kyle. It was a really fun time. We had pizza, miniature golf, dance party, cookout, and pleasure cruising on the pontoon. So much fun!

Put-put in town (Minocqua). 

Though Max won our game (thanks, Kyle, nod, nod, wink, wink),
he was still not in the mood for paparazzi. 

View after leaving town and heading back to the lake. Fog, cars, and deer on the right.
He practically waved at the car as we drove by. 

Amanda and Max dancing to the Tooty Ta song, which Paul and I never realized
is a real song until Amanda, who has spent some time around the little people for work,
broke it out on her iPad. Pretty sure Max was hooked on Amanda at that point.
Dancing, with Kyle, Paul, and Nan laughing in the background. 

The Helm/Davis clan left us Tuesday. Max had decided earlier that he'd wanted to fish. Dutiful parents that we are, we got him a little pole, Paul hooked up a plug at the end, and we spent most of Tuesday letting Max learn to cast and play in the water.

Important note: it was literally in the 90s in northern Wisconsin for DAYS. It is never that consistently warm. So we soaked that lake in fully, even me. Lots of water, lots of sand, lots of boat. Gotta take advantage and live the life!

Fisherman Max

Proving I'm, indeed, on the vacation and, indeed, in the water. 

Practicing the cast.

Done reeling the plug back in.

Gotta tell y'all, the kid can cast a line. Paul and I were impressed. He used that tiny pole, and he landed that plug
15-20 feet out fairly consistently when not distracted. 

The many castings of Max.

Dorky parents!

The boys going for a kayak ride.

Far, far away!

Pontoon time!

Max with his fourth of July starmellows! 
Driving the boat! 

More proof that I was there.

From the look on Paul's face, I think Max must have passed gas.


Casting from the boat!

Thumbs up for the real thing!

Chillin' like villians.

We wrapped up our solo time, and then we looked forward to Kelly and Grandma B coming on Wednesday!

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