13 June 2013

Throwback Thursday: Spring Snowstorms!

In honor of our hot days of June, I thought I'd finally post all of my cell photos from the snow storms of the spring! Enjoy!

I believe these were after the really, really big snow.

I believe this snow was more than Max's shovel could handle.
Snow Ninja Susan
It's fun to shovel the porch when the snow can fall on Dad.
Max wanted to dig out the grass as well.

Sled break!
Paul coming down face first. Too bad I didn't get the after picture.
Hot cocoa break.
Up to Alvamar
Max discovering that knocking Dad over in the snow is more fun than sledding.
Using the force to keep Dad down!
Putting the vehicles to work. 
Mandatory snowman.
More sledding fun!
Duane digging out the cul-de-sac! 

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