21 June 2013

Summer Adventures May/June II

Max is trying out all sorts of adventures this summer. 

He is taking a few tennis lessons. Those are interesting, but he seems to like it, and the coach is really good. He has kids of his own, and so he knows how to deal with the little tykes.

We joined the Pendleton Farms CSA this year so we could get some fresh veggies. Max and I ventured out a couple weeks ago to the farm itself, and we ended up in the field picking our own asparagus.

Max loves their farm because 1) it is by the train tracks and 2) he can take tractor rides into the field. It was a pretty fun outing, and we've been enjoying our produce.

Excited to see the train go by.

On the tractor, ready to do some picking!

Field work.

Looking through the fields at another train going west.

Basketful of fresh asparagus. It's like butter. SOOOOO awesome.

Your eyes do not deceive you.

Max ate a green vegetable. Crazy. Guess when you pick it yourself, it tastes better.

We've had a few playdates this summer. Here is one with our great friends the Trenkles of Prairie Village. Max and Annie. Those two. They play so well together that it is almost like a vacation for Katie and me. Ha!

More adventures to come! 

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