25 June 2013

Older phone videos dump - Fireman Max and Grooving with Rob

So, apparently my phone can take videos, but it is too inferior to actually send them. In order to put a phone video on the blog, I must set up all kinds of USB connections, and so forth, which I just don't do very often.

As such, I'll be posting some fun videos from my most recent video dump. I apologize for the video quality, but it's from my phone, which is probably several generations out of date at this point. Ha.

 Today's videos are some of my favorites. They were filmed last October, after Max's class trip to the fire station and secondly on our trip up to Omaha later that month.

Up first: Max playing fireman in the house. He has a vivid imagination, and he tries to get us all in on the action.

Up next: Rob and Max, dancing fools. On our trip to Omaha last year, Rob and Max sat together in the back seat. Whether it was boredom or the spirit of the music, I don't know. But Rob decided to show Max some moves. Ohhhhh boy. Enjoy.

If this madness doesn't cheer your day, I am not certain you have a heart. :-)

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