28 February 2013

Catch Up: Gymnastics Finale 2012

As many of you know, we enrolled Max in the toddler tumbling class with parks and rec last fall. It was an interesting journey.

Max, like lots of little boys, is not the best listener. And in this case, he was often more interested in his teachers (high school girls) than his gymnastics. However, it was a fun experience. Parents were supposed to wait until the last class period to take photos/videos. So we did. Oh boy! Enjoy.

Getting his stretch on...
First, he's all about looking at us. But then...
it's all about the ladies on the beam. Probably asking for the digits...

"I don't need a wedge to get my somersault on. I just do it!"

Only the orange ribbon for the big finish.

Certificate of completion.

Max and his class.
And now for the real fun. The videos. Don't judge the two wonderful souls cracking up in the background. Those are just Max's proud parents. 

So, we may be moving back to swim lessons this spring. Ha!

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