10 February 2013

Birthday #4 - say what?

It's true. We have now had four great years with the young man Max. And he is pretty awesome.

This past year has been trying on all three of us: the house sale, the move, new house, new school, new friends. Lots of new. I think we can safely say that Max stepped up to the challenge and has really embraced his life here in Lawrence.

We have tons of fun exploring some of the smaller things here: playgrounds, downtown, little towns all around. And some of the bigger "events" are easier to manage since the scale is smaller - parades, fireworks,  Halloween. We are finding our rhythm, and Max helps out a lot with that by being so curious and so easy going.

Over the past year, he has finally gotten potty trained (ha- seems like so long ago), he has returned to eating veggies and trying bites of new things, he knows his numbers and letters and can even write our names (no- not the last one), he has become a skilled climber, kicker, thrower, and hitter, and he remains ever curious and questioning. The last part can be a little exhausting, but it is always interesting. (Dad, what if we were all just heads?)

I'm proud of that little guy. He is something. Can't wait to see what happens this year!

Here are some pictures from his birthday. We told him he could have a party with friends here or a big day with just us doing thing. He chose the latter. So we headed to KC for the Aquarium, to eat at Fritz's, to look at the model trains, and whatever else we could fit in before he was zapped.

Sea Life Aquarium

Lunch at Fritz's! 

The train delivered the food safely! 

Union Station
We went in for the model train exhibit, then we headed outside to the bridge to see if a train might come. And sure enough, it did!

After that point, the kiddo was pretty zapped. We headed home for a Mini Murph Pizza and some cookies for dessert.

Ahhh. That's my boy. He's pretty cool. 

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