28 February 2013

Careers at School Continued... Uncle Rob Day!

Max the ....


This picture cracks me up. He bought lots of cleaning supplies
because I'd been cleaning the kitchen all morning. He wanted to make me happy. 




He only licks the icing on cupcakes. He throws the rest away.
Hence the chocolate chip cookies on his birthday.

Train Conductor and Engineer!

This was the day that Uncle Rob and his friends Tom and Julie LaCombe came to Max's school to speak about railroad safety. Pretty special work by Operation Lifesaver, and what an honor it was that we had the head of the Kansas operation to teach us. And now, Rob has officially spent more time at Max's school than he did at his own. Ha, ha, ha.
Learning from Sly Fox and Birdie.

Rob, documenting.

It's pretty special that we get to spend so much time with Uncle Rob. Means the world to me and Max!

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