05 December 2012


Max had several opportunities to celebrate Halloween this year, and he also had plenty of costumes to wear.

I'm not even sure if I put up pumpkin patch pics at this point. He had two opportunities to go there, one with school and one with Daddy!

Perfect boy with a perfect pumpkin. 
Standing in front of the big ones! I love this picture.

Posing with all of his indoor pumpkins.

Moving the outdoor pumpkin to the front porch after carving!

He was set on wearing the previous year's Frankenstein costume again. Then, he felt he wanted to change that up into his Thomas costume that I got on clearance last year and pair it with a whistle and lantern from Uncle Rob. Fuzzy and GG come up a few days before Halloween, and they presented Max with another option, a race-car driver. The kid had some choices to make. And luckily, he had as many celebrations for which to wear them.

His preschool requires a non-scary option, so we knew Frankenstein was out there. He went for the racing car option!

The school also had a little Halloween sing-a-long, practice for this weekend's Christmas concert! So funny to see the kids all lined up and trying to be still!

Chase, Everett, Claire, Devyn, Tate, Ben, Katie, Rawlin, Houston, Max, and Quinn. 

Here is the entertainment!

Of course, there were class pictures afterward!

Treats after the show!
   After Max's school Halloween, we came for for a little rest, then we headed out to Dad's office. The Endowment always does a great job with welcoming the kids in for trick-or-treating fun. Max tried on his Frankenstein costume, was a little disturbed by the green skin, then decided to still be a race-car driver. He went through Paul's office telling everyone what Grandpa Fuzzy says, "Boogety, boogety, boogety, boys! Let's go racing!"

Disturbing on so many levels. Paul tried to get the clowns to freak me out. I hate clowns. Ugh. 


Excited about his loot!
After we got home, we cooked up some pizzas and had Grandma and Grandpa B over for trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Max decided for this part, he wanted to be Thomas.


His first stop was Miss Ann's, our neighbor to the north!

With his official Union Pacific lantern, courtesy Uncle Rob.
Happy Halloween! 

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