11 December 2012

Special Events: Weddings and KU Game

So before the blog turns into holidayorama, I wanted to post some pictures of some fun things Max got to do  in the past couple of months that are NOT holiday related.

1) Weddings!
Max got to attend his first two weddings in October and November of this year. First, our friend Nan Helm's daughter, Amanda, got married. Boy, did Max live it up. Spaghetti, a candy bar, and lots of kinds of cake. Plus, he got to dance with the bride and with daddy!

Kissing the bride!
Second, we had my friends Jeremy and Ashley's wedding. This one was pretty special for me, as I got to perform the ceremony! It was a joy to do it for them. However, it was not as joyful for Max as his being able to dance the night away with the bride and his friend Bella Neuteboom! 
Max and Ashley. Bella was nice enough to lend her boy to the bride!

They crack me up!

Mommas dancing with babies.

Cake break!

 And now for the big finale! The inflatable guitar dancing!

Both events were pretty great! Max was well behaved at both (and so were Paul and I). Also, yes, his standard dress up item is a sweater vest. He refuses to wear any shirt with buttons, so we found this workaround works out. :-) 

2) Max got to attend his first KU games! Because Ron and Pam were in Australia, they let us use their basketball tickets. Paul used the opportunity to take make to his very first KU games, one in Allen Field House and one at the Sprint Center. Apparently, Max loves the games. He loves eating popcorn at the games, too.

Checking out the seats at AFH.
Clapping as the players came out.
He even got to high five Elijah Johnson and Ben McLemore
before the game!
Baby Jay!

Max with Scot Pollard. If you knew me in college, you could probably
caption this yourself.
In his own world. We got Max some shooting-range headphones
to help with the noise. They seemed to, as he didn't complain, even as loud as it gets there!

So Max is officially inaugurated into the world of weddings and KU basketball. Productive late fall!

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