27 November 2012

A visit to Omaha!

In October, we were able to make a last-second trip up to Omaha to visit my aunt, Buffie Somers. Buffie and I have been trying to plan a visit for a while, but with the move and timing, it never worked out. Well, we connected up on Facebook one night, found we had the same weekend free, and made a plan. Uncle Rob even joined us for the weekend, and we had lots of fun! 

We arrived late on a Friday and tried to get Max to sleep while the adults stayed up to visit. The next morning, I woke to find Max jumping giant piles of leaves Buffie had raked up for him in the backyard! 

Here are some sweet action shots from my phone.

After everyone was up and ready, we headed to the Omaha Zoo. We've been dying to take Max there for a long time. The weather was perfect: cloudy, not too hot. We spent a whole day there! 

Seeing all of the giraffes, including a new baby! 
The crew heading to the next stop.

Silly monkeys.

Riding the zoo train!

Look! I was even there! We have proof.
In the aquarium part of the zoo. Very nice!

I think he was trying to make a fish mouth. 
Me, with my fake happy smile. Ha! I think my feet hurt.
I think we were looking at jellyfish here.

We enjoyed some ice cream after the zoo, and then we had a nice leisurely spaghetti dinner at Buffie's house.  
The next day, we visited a park with giant train engines, Big Boy and the other one whose name escapes me. Rob will holler at me soon, and I will get the info updated. But Max liked it. As did Rob.

Couple of awesome chics.

Thanks for a great visit, Buffie! We love you! We will be back soon!

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