02 October 2012

Summer Trip to Wisconsin, Part II

Wisconsin held some excitement this year, particularly for Max. First, Grandma and Grandpa traded in their speedboat for a new pontoon. It's pretty sweet as it provides room for everyone in the family to ride really comfortably! Our other excitement was that Max's cousin Nick from Boston would be there to spend a few days with everyone. And we had lots of fun with it all!

Pontoon Cruising
Pretty crazy crew for our maiden ride.

Parking in one cove
so Max and Nick could check out the swimming with their dads.

We pulled the kayaks behind the pontoon,
so Max and Daddy had an adventure across the lake.

Come back to me!!!
 Pontoon pulling the tuff tube
Paul and Nick were up first!

First Mate Max, at your service!

Mommy and Kelly up for action. With Phil driving. It took some courage.

But it was fun! 

Nick and I in the tube. Couple of big smiles on those faces.
 Pontoon Fishing Action!
Max and Daddy used a rubber cork for bait so Max could see
how the whole thing worked. And so he wouldn't hook everyone in the boat with a real hook.

Male bonding at its best. And yes, Max is sporting jammies with a life best and mandals. Big pimpin.

Phil and Nick, fishing!

Happy Fisherman!

Attacking Kelly.
 Pontoon sunset cruising

Grandma holding a sleepy little man!

Just a nice shot of Kelly.

The Big Guy!

When not boating, we did lots of other cottage stuff: games, playing in the water, projects, laying around being lazy, playing outside, s'mores.And the big kids had a few jobs. He, he, he.

Lazy Pajama Morning
Pretty sure that Max would have stayed attached to Nick's hip
all of the trip if her could have been.
Nick was a good sport and put up with Max!
Outdoor playtime!
Nick and Max both tried to fit into Max's tent.
Fortunately, Nick was able to escape! 

"Playing" frisbee. This meant that Max threw it and tried to grab it again without Nick getting it. 
 Lake Time
Building sandcastles at the little dock.

The boys trying to catch things.
Not certain what Max is doing here, but it seems pretty awesome! 

Whatchu looking at, Mom?

Daddy pulling Max in the tube. 

Max pulling Daddy in the tube.

Warming up after water time.

Craft of the year: pop-bottle fireflies!
(Yes, I say pop. I'm from Kansas. We drink pop.)
 Work Time
Phil and Paul were working on some landscaping on the hill.
Kelly "working" on keeping the gator seat warm.

Fun times as always! 
Two wild and crazy guys!!

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