30 October 2012

Fall update

So lots of excitement this fall!

Max started preschool at First United Methodist Kids' First program. It's 3 days a week, and Max loves it. Of course, we'll see how the progress report comes in mid-November. :-) However, it's been fun with even several field trips.

Mandatory Day 1 picture.

Uncle Rob and Max got a little yogurt after the first day! 

Learning about the sense of sight. Ha!
 First field trip - firestation! Note to Max's "Uncle Jeremy": he wore his policeman shirt to the firestation. Representing!

Driving the rig! 

Taking large pictures of kids, not always easy.
Houston, Devin, Chase, Rawlin, Claire, Ben, Everett, Quinn, Katy, Tate, Max.
Yes, I know their names. We had a game to learn them. :-) 

The next week, the kiddos had a trip to Schaake's Pumpkin Patch. Pretty fun!

Max with his friend Katy, holding the pumpkins they chose.

I'm just going to start calling every photo when Max doesn't look at the camera "artistic."
Here is our artistic pumpkin patch photo. 

Always an individual. Wonder where he gets it?? :-) 

Perfect picture, courtesy of someone else, of course.
Katy's mom, Laurie, got the picture for me. Happy Pumpkin Day!!

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