30 October 2012

State Fair 2012: Cousins on the Farm

I'm pretty much several months behind now. Oh well. Such in life when it is moving a million miles an hour. 
At the end of the summer, we took the time to make the trek to Hutch for the State Fair. Fuzzy and GG had both little guys as their guests this year. And Max and Dex ripped the place up! 

Max was trying to show Dex his love of farm machines and rides. Dex really liked to be his own man, even take a little doze. But both had lots of fun! 

Checking out the farm implements...

Combine operator!

Jamie and Dex got tired. Ha!

Yep - that happy around all the construction stuff.

Tractor Ride, Tractor Ride. And he got a free t-shirt for it!

Heading to check out the breeding area.
 Naturally, Max was kind of hesitant.

Not a fan of forced shots.

Of all things, he LOVES pony rides. Scared of so much, but not ponies.

As some may remember, he LOVED the motorcycle ride last year. This year, his comment was that it "hurt his parts." So, apparently a diaper does make a difference. Poor guy.

Driving the train!

A ride for Dex and Max together. Their smiles look awfully alike. :-) 
What a good time!

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