30 October 2012

Normal Life!

Fall has also brought house excitement and visitors. 

Since we've moved to Lawrence, we've had a constant project in our yard for everything from water diversion to beautification. Here are some shots.

Max hiding in his pool with all of his construction equipment in the backyard.
Stairs that I build from our raised garden up to our composter.
Expect this area to look lots better next spring. :-) 

Max, working on his sand table, while Paul and Mr. Larry consult in the back
about our dry creek bed and rock wall/french drain systems.

The bosses. (Though not really; it's really me and Larry in charge. )

Max, building inside. And that is all his own creation. Just call him I.M. Peiborchardt.

We were lucky in September to have a visit from my longtime friend Denise Birkholz, along with her hubs and two kiddos, Avery and Xander. Max was in heaven having his own visitors!

Max and Avery in the tent, playing camping! 

This picture kills me. Literally looks like Max has his date face on. And with an older woman.
Here is my favorite thing. Denise took these two pictures and captioned them as follows.

New Friends.
Old Friends.

Love it! One of those things that makes you love the fact of life and the people you share it with. :-)

Max is also taking gymnastics this fall. they won't allow parents in the room, so these are pictures that I have snuck.
Balance Beam
Bar with Miss Natalie.


Max's first "real" dental visit! He was a champ once he discovered that Cars 2 was on the TV above the seat.

Another great life thing: my friends Trish and Eric Neuteboom, already parents to Max's friend Bella, had a new edition, Miss Quincey! Trish and I spent some time one morning teaching Max how to hold a baby.

Fun moment in the present!
Crazy preview of a possible future!

Once he got it down, we both got our cameras. So Bella did, too. Bella says, Max, I have to take a picture of you holding the baby! 

Cute kid moment. :-) Let's just let it be that because I am not ready for the rest. :- )

So priceless.

A good reminder that sometimes, as we grow up, we do get to pick parts of our family. And I have some pretty cool parts, blood related or not. Glad to share them with my kiddo!

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