29 May 2012

Hello, Lawrence. We're baaaccckkk!

We officially took possession of our house on April 16. We worked hard unpacking for a couple of days, then Paul had to leave on a business trip on the 18th. Hmmm. My mom came up to spend a few days so I could keep going with the unpacking.

Unfortunately, I haven't taken a lot of pictures of the house per se, but I do have some fun ones from the move in.
First trip to Hyvee. So thrilled.

Seriously unpacking.

Spaghetti at Bambino's with Grandma Cathy.
Note that the noodles are on top of his grilled cheese.
Touring the Campanile with Grandma Cathy after dinner. :-)

Big shout out to Grandma Cathy, Grandma B, and Grandpa B for subsidizing the childcare for our first couple of weeks here. It really helped me get boxes emptied, and Paul and I settle in a little easier.

Don't worry. I will get pictures up of the house sometime. :-) But we've had so much excitement ...

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