24 May 2012

So, it's been a while...

Well, Max Borchardt's Awesome Adventures did not end. In fact, they got to be so exciting that I have not had time to update the blog.

In short, on one of our fabulous house showing dates, we found out that we had a potential buyer. In a little less than a week, our house had sold and we had to find some new digs in Lawrence within four weeks.
Needless to say, the end of March and beginning of April were pretty stressful and exciting. We were very fortunate to find a house we loved, only minutes from Paul's office, in a great older Lawrence neighborhood. .

During that last month in KC, we did have some excitement, both travelling and in the city.

The first weekend, we trekked to Wichita and Hutchinson for some family time. We hadn't been down since Christmas, so the break was much needed.

In Hutch, Fuzzy and GiGi took us to the Cosmosphere and to the Hutchinson Zoo.

Wondering how that guy got potty trained.

Mission Control
Probably what I would really look like if launched into space,
except there'd be vomit flying out of my mouth.
Explaining the details of spaceflight  to the grandparents.

Zoo train!

We also got to visit Cousin Dexter, Jamie, Benny, Grandpa Joe and Grandma Cathy!
Cousins playing cars.

Sweet and innocent.
Real cousins. :-) 

Crazy grandsons attack Grandpa Joe!
So this was the nice break we had before all heck broke loose and our house sold. I was going to try to fit in all the pics from that point until now on this one post. Silly me. More posts to come!

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