01 June 2012

A week later...

We had lots of excitement over Mother's Day weekend. That Friday, Paul and I had a much-needed date night with Pad Thai and Hunger Games. Yippee!

On Saturday, Grandma and Grandpa Ruocco came up so we could go to our annual Yankees game on Sunday. Paul and I had made an agreement with Joe that we would also where Yankees pinstripes to the game. And we kept our end of the bargain.

Looks like he's posing for a team picture.

Grandpa Joe, Grandma Cathy, and Max. Good times at the ballpark!
Attacking the hot dog!!

Yankees win! Yankees win!

What a day at the ballpark! We sandwiched the game between two severe thunderstorms. Awesome!

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lisa said...

Yea! I missed Max-mania!