24 May 2012

Catching up!

After returning from Wichita in mid-March, we had mucho adventures back in the MO, both getting ready and getting out for some fun.

We attended the annual St Pat's Day Warm-Up Parade in Brookside. It was Max's first time chasing down candy. He loved the candy part, not so much the chasing it down part. He usually doesn't have to work so hard for candy!
Waiting for the fun to begin.
Here comes the parade!
Post-parade Irish cuteness!
 We had a lot of dates and distractions while the house going through contract negotiations. As a result, Max got a little bit more craziness in than usual.

Kites (Running off energy pre-showing)

Picnic at the Nelson (Dinner during a showing)

Yes, this picture makes me teary-eyed with thoughts
of Max's future. 
Disney on Ice (During the inspections)
Pre-indoctrination, I mean, pre-show donut.
Yeah. I had to get ears.

Treats (During showings)
   Cookie at the Roasterie during a morning showing

   Ice cream at Johnny's during a dinner showing during the NCAA tourney (the gall of some people)

Loose Park (Killing time again!)

Just cause...
He's supercute here. 

KU Toenails. He asked for them during the tournament!

Putting himself in box to make sure he was coming to the new house.

One last trip around the pond. 

And a goodbye to Max's tree in the front of our old Ward Pkwy house.

Laters, KC. We love you.

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