16 January 2012

Christmas with Fuzzy and GG

Max had a little Fuzzy and GG pre-Christmas when they stopped to visit on their way to St. Louis to see my stepbrother Cory. A little fun - a few presents!

Fuzzy and Max - wrestling.

GG teaching Max some carols. Fa-la la-la-la!

Happy Boy!

Max's also Christmas stop in Hutch for official Christmas with Fuzzy and GG. GG prepared a Mexican feast, and we all spent time talking and watching the boys play. Perfect.

Dexter lorded over the festivities from his walker.
He's making sure that NaNa Nette and Max are playing nice.
Jeannette (Linda's mom) and Max discussing the finer points
of Francesco from Cars.

GG showing Max what his gifts are. Yippee.

The look on his face here is just too much.

Auntie Susan got Dex to take a nap.

Then she let him cuddle with Uncle Rob for part of his snooze.

Max is giving his best Oscar effort here. I'm not buying it.

Dad and daughter!
Wassup, Gs?
File this one away: full real Linda smile!
Great picture, 'rents.
It was a really fun day, and we all had a great time. Thanks Fuzzy and GG for a good holiday!

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