16 January 2012

Christmas Finale!

Last but not least, Christmas at Grandma Cathy and Grandpa Joe's house.

Max and Dex had a little craziness with Dexter's walker.
Pretty sure Dexter is just wondering
who that crazy blonde boy is.

Such innocent faces. We know better.

Uhm - Max. You're almost three. Not your toy, man.

Aunt Jamie with the boys.

Paul dressed for the occassion:
Christmas, NYE, and my birthday. Big night.

Fave outfit. My nephew is SO cute.
 And now for the presents. Here we go, boys!!
Max really wanted to "help" Dexter open presents.

Grandma's "Christmas Story" bunny slippers.

Ben's very special gift from me:
Mr. Hanky, the Christmas Poo,
homemade ornament.

Stealing Dex time while wearing my candy PJ pants.

He's really just a pro this year.

Grandpa and Dexter. Cuteness.

Grandpa with a mug of his boys.

Santa Dexter!

Mickey Mouse Hot Wheels. Heaven.

It's a Philadelphia Eagles Christmas for Jamie, Dexter, and Ben.
We got a family hippopotamus for Christmas.
And now, a commercial break for my 36th birthday. Gotta give it to them: my parents try so hard to separate my birthday from Christmas and New Years. Plus, Joe was trying to be nice: 18x2 instead of 36. Ha.
Cake and flowers.
Hugs from my boy. Best present ever.

Probably wishing we sell our house.
 The next day, we just spent time goofing around.

Grandpa and Max working on guitar. Max was taking it very seriously.

Reading the expressions:
Max: Mommy, I don't know that I
like sharing Grandma with Dexter. But I'll try.
Grandma: Oh, Max. I have lots of love. Don't you worry. 

Peace made: Grandma and her boys.

Ben and his hippo, Jorge.
And back to no good for the new year. Ha!
All in all, we are lucky to share so many Christmases with so many people. Lucky us. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the last hoorah. Now - on to the new year. And on to someone's third birthday. Aggghhh!!

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