06 November 2011

October Fun with Aunts and Uncles: Part One

The last weekend in October has become a really fun one in the past few years. Bill Self has his Ladies Night Out, and then next day, we visit the C&H Railroad in Tecumseh, KS with Uncle Rob and Aunt Sara - two great annual traditions.

For part one, we'll talk about Bill Self's Ladies Night. This year, Kelly and Phil came back so that Kelly and I could go for a night of basketball, food, fun, and loving with Bill Self. Good times.

Justin Wesley, my favorite. And he remembered
me from last year. Yeah - we're close like that.

Kelly with T-Rob, the bod.

Kelly, getting her game on.

Me, taking some pointers from Danny.

Danny Manning. Yes, he is awesome. Still.

Baby Jay, Crazy Coach Hinson, and Coach Townsend.

Larry Brown, championship coach, with me. Sweet.

Bill Self, also a championship coach (that's how we roll at
KU), with me and Kelly. Photo credit: Cindy Self.

Best of all though, Max got to visit with his aunt and uncle for fun times!
Riding Kelly.

Trying to ride the other way.
I think Phil enjoyed watching Kelly get tortured.

Playing with a little pop cap toy. Kid was obsessed.

Morning donut. Yummy.

So much fun!

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