03 November 2011

Treat or Treat: Halloween 2011

First, a song: The Wheels on the Tractor (as learned at the pumpkin patch).

Halloween festivities started the Friday before the holiday with a playgroup party! We had lunch, treats, and lots of playtime.
Smaller group.

All the kiddos: Daniella & Hope, two boys I don't know, Charlotte & Jane, Annie & Molly, Max,
Julia & William, Alden, Luke & Jack, and Phillip & Alex.

Friends chomping down.

Max and Phillip - buddies.
The afternoon of Halloween, we visited Paul's office at the KU Endowment. They throw a big trick or treating event, and Max really got the hang of things this year. He moved from hesitancy and shyness to running to the candy, doing his little monster walk, sneaking an extra piece of candy or two, and saying thank you before running to the next piece of candy.

Dr. Frankenstein and his monster!

Here, Paul is showing Max how to cheat.
He is transfering candy from Max's full bucket to a back-up bag
so his bucket would appear empty.

After hitting up Lawrence, we headed back to KC for some neighborhood treats.

Pumpkins are lit and ready to go!

First stop, as always, Joanna the neighbor.
Max wanted to stay with her and her sister  all night.

Pounding the pavement.

Looking at the pumpkins of someone a little more
talented at carving than we are.

On the approach to the next house!

Max and Mom!
So successful Halloween number three. Yeozzaaahhh. Already.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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