05 November 2014

A Man for All (Sports) Seasons

Just a little post of pics and videos I'd saved of Max with some swimming and our newest effort - basketball. 

He's made such great strides in swimming. If you'd have seen him in early 2014 vs now, you'd note that he's lost a lot of fear and gained a lot of enjoyment. I'm guessing by next summer, we will have a real little swimmer on our hands! 

Here are some videos from his last day of lessons. He's the one in the goggles and Darth Vadar suit.

I really like this next video because Max would NEVER lay back on his head before. He's gotten so much braver! So proud of him! 

Max also started playing basketball for the first time! And yes, 5-6 year old basketball is everything you'd hope. It's pretty funny, but hey, we all have to learn somewhere. Most of us aren't born LeBron. I'm really proud of him for trying a team sport, for trying really hard to learn the rules, and for not getting grumpy in practice or in the games when he doesn't get playing time or something. I've been assured that most kids basketball pretty much looks like this until 2nd or 3rd grade. Ha! Just glad the kiddo is trying stuff out. 

Practice shots.
Dribbling in practice.

Looks like a baller, right? Ha!

Some action shots from the first game. By the end, he was pretty solid on knowing the difference between offense and defense. A little better at playing on the defensive end. And don't worry - we have a 529 in case Bill Self somehow forgets to give the kid a scholarship. Ha! 

A little video. It's really too funny, but like I said, we all start somewhere. :-) Also, he does have his hands up on D. Just saying. :-) 

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