17 December 2014

Oops! Now that Christmas is rolling around, let me update with Halloween!

 So for Halloween this year, Max wanted to be a dinosaur, specifically a scary T-Rex. Well, if you've been shopping for children's Halloween costumes lately, you'll note that they don't make scary dinosaurs in a boys small.

Cue crafty Susan. After several web visits, hardware store visits, and time cutting, painting, taping, and sewing, we got the finished T-Rex.

Here are some shots from Paul's office.

Quick video of Max "performing" for Allison.

Dino still likes the ladies, especially the coeds in go-go boots. 

Dino vs Jedi
Here is Maxie with his pumpkins this year.

He looks so old in this picture. Sigh.


Paul retweeted a picture of Max's costume to the Sprint Center in KC as they were having a contest for their Walking with Dinosaurs event. And guess which little dinosaur won? Saurus Growl himself.

So Max got to take his friend Bella for a date night with dinos! Yippee!

Max's prize package dinosaur, Max, and Bella Boom!

Eric, Bella, Max, and Paul
Love these kiddos! 

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