02 October 2014

Homecoming and Hawk Day school presentation

Last weekend, we attended the KU Homecoming parade. While Max enjoys the parades, the noise still bothers him a bit. But it was a fun thing to do on a fall night.

This video is just my own indulgence in putting the fight song on the blog. But then Max sees cheerleaders. And he likes those. Discovering that there were boy cheerleaders made him happy. He thinks he's found a way in. Hahahah. 

A frat boy gave Max his party hat. So Max wore it proudly.
Everyone told him happy birthday, so we just went with it. 

Remember when he used to be scared of Big Jay. 

Today, Oct. 2, was also Max's Hawk Day at Hillcrest. In lieu of show and tell, each kiddo gets a day to talk about themselves and their interests. They are supposed to bring things to put into a display case, and then they give a little talk about it.

Paul went up to have lunch with him, and I met them in the hallway for the presentation. I wish I'd thought to videotape it all. I only got a piece. But this kid killed it! Holy cow. We didn't practice or anything, but he was MONEY. Like, he's going to be on stage or Bill Rancic kinda money. Paul and I were both tickled and proud to see him so excited and so comfortable talking to his class.

One item had to be handmade. Of course, he picked a train that we'd all worked on. He told the crowd about bogey wheels,
driving wheels, pistons, the different perspectives of the dinosaur he drew to drive the train. Crazy.

Here's part of his talk covering the dinosaur book, pressed pennies, a little drawing, and Mixels. The cooler for the water fountain kicked on at the end, so I stopped recording. But it's a pretty good bit.

Discussing a snow globe from Chicago and naming all of the buildings.
 You should've seen the Q&A. He was calling on people, giving thoughtful answers. Seriously crazy. So proud of our little Hawk.

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