16 April 2013

Phoenix Trip Day 3: Baseball, Basketball, and Fun

Our third day in Phoenix was pretty full as well. We got to do one item on my bucket list: attend a Royals Spring Training game in Surprise. We also had to plan to watch the KU Sweet Sixteen game, and then we had a cocktail hour to enjoy later. Big day, big fun.

So, we started the day with a leisurely breakfast, then headed northwest to Surprise for the last game of spring training, Royals vs the Indians. I must say that I very much enjoyed the atmosphere at the ballpark. It was relaxed, friendly, easy, and the prices weren't bad either.
Mandatory picture in front of the clubhouse.

All three amigos looking at the camera. It's a miracle! 

Don't worry, Max. The players will be out soon.
There they are! Butler, Frenchie, Gordon. All of 'em except Hos came to play!
More like it, kid!
Soaking it up on the lawn, bag of Trader Joe's provisions near by.

And now, we have a baseball fan! Alex Gordon hit a HR on the first pitch of his first AB of the first inning. Nice start!
Mandatory dog at the ball park.
And some banilla ice cream out of a plastic ball cap to top off the afternoon!

After the ballpark, we drove back to Phoenix to pick up Beka and head to the sports bar across from our hotel to watch the KU/Michigan basketball game. While the game didn't turn out so well, we did have fun eating, sharing stories with my Aunt Buffie, who joined us, and watching Max open presents in an Easter basket that Buffie had brought. (Photos/video courtesy of Beka)

Luckily, Max is oblivious to the basketball game. :-)

Later in the evening, my Aunt Kathy through a cocktail reception for the wedding guests at the Arizona Biltmore. It was a lovely night. Beka and Steven watched Max while we reconnected with family and made new friends.

Play-doh creations while the folks are away!

My cousin Stacie and I sharing a smile (and maybe a beverage) on the patio at the Biltmore. 

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