09 April 2013

Arizona! Day 1 and Day 2

So, a couple of weeks ago, we were fortunate enough to be able to fly to Phoenix for my cousin Jeff's wedding. Paul decided that if we were all going, we were going to make a real trip of it. So there are LOTS of pictures. I'm going to pace it, and I still need to work on incorporating some my friend Beka took.

Let's begin at the beginning.

March 27, 2013

Max had his first plane flight. All in all, this was a success. He did ask, upon landing in Phoenix, why his ears stopped working. However, he didn't have any pain. He enjoyed the free juice and the fact that he could close his own window when he wanted.

Panda'd up and ready to fly!

When we got settled into our hotel for the weekend, we met my friends/family Steven and Beka for dinner at delicious Mexican restaurant. Of course, Max took up with flirting with Beka right where he'd left off when she visited here in Christmas. Those two have always been inseparable.

Showing him the pond in the restaurant.

After dinner, we made a plan to visit the PHX Zoo the next morning.

March 28, 2013
To preface, Beka has more and probably better shots than these. I will try to get them up here. My computer has a dearth of memory right now, so I need to use Paul's for the task.

Paul got the ride passes, too, so there were rides on carousels, trains, and the like. And having Beka along was like having a friend, sister, nanny, tour guide, and photographer all at once. What a lady!

Kid is finally learning to ham it up!
 At the Stingray Pool. Max liked watching Paul and Beka touch. He did not like to touch.

Just lookin.

Still looking.
Max's picture of his train seat. He thought it important that we see it
had chipping paint. 

Fearless leaders deciding our path.

Beka and I pointing and shooting each other. :-) 

Zebras, huh. Okay, then.
 Max was so interested in cameras that Beka was brave/loving, and she taught him how to take pictures with her camera. So I took pictures of them learning.

Point and shoot!

Checking the results.

Paul, trying to do a pull up.

Max, outside the Komodo Dragon exhibit.
Max and a cactus.

Paul on a hummingbird. He thought it quite funny.

Max on panda. Imagine.

Paul, acting like the ape he is. :-) 

After the zoo, we headed over to the Hole in the Rock in Papago Park so Max could have a little taste of hiking. Don't worry, there is basically a staircase that goes behind the rock all the way up to the hole. Still cool, though.

Beka, Paul, and Max, emerging from the hole, from my point of view on the ground.


Max and Dad waving at me.

Yes, I did go up to join them. 

Boys on the hike down. 

 Beka has more photos, which I will add.

That night, we met up with my cousins, Mike and Mirnie, their kids, Mark and Molly, along with their spouses and kids. We had a giant dinner at a real restaurant with six kids under 7, and guess what? They all behaved. It was a great night. I should've taken pictures, but I was having too much fun talking to Mark, his wife, Karen, and my cousin Molly.

Great day and great night. And just the beginning. :-)

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