11 April 2013

Day 2: Beka's View - Phoenix Zoo

Here are some of the pictures that Beka Zemansky (friend, sister, aunt, nanny, writer, photographer, etc, etc) took while we were at the zoo. Some are pretty funny when compared with the ones taken on my end. And some are just pretty great because she's good at what she does!

Working the mojo on the zoo train

There's m'boy.
There were animals!

Rhino buns!

Beka's scouting pictures

Onward, Dad!

Monkey House

Monkey on a wire

Why did the monkey cross the road???
To get to the other side. Duh.

So, recall Max holding the camera in my last entry. Well, here are some results of his tutelage. 

Max and the Orangutan: Take that school board!
Daddy, his hands are like mine.
He has fingernails just like mine, Dad.

Thank goodness, he's still learning evolution despite our living in Kansas.
 Paul and Max's Pull Ups 

Worn out

Komodo Dragon!

Max's paparazzi. :-)
 There were real dragons, but one had a lame leg and one never moved. So the statue was way more photogenic.


Seems about right.

Checking out some lions!

Pretty sure I was jealous.

Mountain Ram (so some such beast) on the top of the rocks.

Stingrays: Max liked to see and not touch. :-)

After the zoo, we headed to the hole in the rock. So here are the pictures looking down at me, and some Beka took of us! 

Going through the hole.

Hey mom! (I'm the white dot near the island in the parking lot.)

Serious contemplation from the top of the world.

Proof we were all in the same place. :-)


And a little treat at the end.

Banilla Shake

So there is Beka's POV from the second day in Phoenix. Guess we did a few things, eh?

More to come!

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