04 August 2011

Catching Up! - July 4th Weekend

Sorry for the blogging vacation. We've been on real vacation up north in Wisconsin, so I'm still in my catch-up mode.
I will say this briefly: I just attended a Love & Logic parenting class last night. And I think Paul and I are doing a lot of things right with Max. He's a pretty well behaved dude, and we couldn't be more proud to be his parents.

On to the weekend!

We've developed an annual tradition of spending 4th of July weekend in Hutch with Fuzzy and GG then driving down to Wichita with Mom and Joe for more fireworks fun after.

Here is a recap!

Fuzzy and GG have a potato garden, and Max the farmer got to harvest some good red potatoes!

Max and I got to put our swimming lesson skills to work in the pool.

Kid is a fish, I tell ya! 

Ben, Jamie, Roxanne, and Dexter joined us later for some swim and pizza action. Presenting, Dexter's first pool action!

Love the little man's eye peaking out.

Whatchu talking about, Willis?

Seriously, Dad, what's up?

Everyone at once: Ahhhhhhh!

Family picture!

Motoring with Max.
The boys.

Max even got some car action in as GG pulled out Uncle Cory's old cars. Yippee!

After a good time in Hutch, we drove down to Wichita for more good times with Grandpa Joe and Cathy Grandma (that's what Max says now).

Now, although Joe took on the three of us when he was 40 and we were teens (pretty much) and swore off babies, he has pretty much turned into the baby whisperer. Give this man any tired or cranky baby, and he'll have that kid nodding off in seconds. He did it with Max, and now, he has shifted his powers to Dex.

Go to sleep, little dude.

Bowling with a new set from Ben, Jamie, and Dex.

We tried and tried to get Max to look away from Dexter, but...

the kid is cute. And he has too much fun with Mom and Joe to pay attention to the camera.

Max still is in love with Jamie.
She's always good enough to give him some love back.

Grandma Cathy and the grandsons.

Max is trying to give Dex a smooch.
So, we had a great time in Wichita too. Max loves him some grandparents! And so do I. We're lucky to have good families who love to spoil our little dudes.

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