01 July 2011


I haven't been great about updating the blog this past month. It's been full of fun things - Day Out with Thomas, a fun zoo trip, our nephew Dexter's baby shower, Max's first theater movie, a move to a big boy bed, Father's Day splashing and swim lessons. So much in one month.

And now, in July, we have our annual traditions of Fourth of July with Fuzzy/GG and Wisconsin. Plus, we'll be having a big 45th anniversary weekend celebration with Ron and Pam in just a week!

Since I'm not sure when I'll get things probably updated, I thought I'd just publish some fun videos. Our little man is growing up so fast. He speaks in sentences, expresses himself, is acting like a big boy in his toddler bed, and is giving lots of love.

Anyhow, here are some videos.

Daddy and Max's favorite thing to do at the pond across the street: Doodlely-Doot. Basically, Paul swings Max around and Max says, "Doodlely-Doot."

Next comes something Paul taught him when we were walking around the plaza - how to chest bump. Hmmm.

We didn't get away for Father's Day, but a couple fathers came to us. Max celebrated in his little splash pool. He's a fish these days. Gotta watch him around that water!!

Today, Max and I hit the spash park at Loose Park with my moms. We ended up having a good time after he got used to things.

And finally, a little of my boy Beethoven. Ha! It is good to see how gentle he is with the piano though.

We're enjoying our sweet little man.

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