17 July 2011

Catching Up! - June Day Out with Thomas

The week after Dex was born and we did the River Run, we spent a really fun day with Uncle Rob and Aunt Sara attending A Day Out with Thomas. As many of you know, Max and Rob share an affinity for all things trains. And Rob really likes to spoil Max by going to all train events, miniature trains, and getting him train toys.

During the DOWT, we met up in Baldwin City, KS, and hit the festivities. We started by taking pictures with the Thomas Engine itself, then moved on to playing at train tables, playing fireman, and coloring. They really have a lot of activities for the kiddos.

Max and Rob (or as Max says, "Wob")

Love the look of concentration when he plays. He's so particular.

The fireman/darth vadar look.

Creepy Topham Hatt

All aboard! Max got his ticket stamped and got in line to get in the cars.

Sara and Rob

Train lovers.

Happy Fivesome!

It was Max's first "real" train ride, and I can't think of a better passenger to share it with than Rob. Max kept his eyes on every part of the operation, commented on how the trains moved back and forth (wiggled), and was fascinated watching the attendants move between cars. Nothing gets past this kid.

After our time at Thomas, we grabbed lunch at a local place renamed the Rogue Wave (a seafood place in the middle of Kansas) before heading home. There, Max enjoyed the "spoils" from his day. Thanks Uncle Rob for the cool train set. And thanks Grandma B for the coal-dumping Thomas.

All in all, it was a great day with great company. And we all talked about how we can't wait until we get to have Dexter with us on our next Day Out with Thomas!

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