20 July 2011

Catching Up! - Friends of the Zoo Summer Nights

On the one weekend we were at home in June, we took advantage of our Friends of the Zoo membership, and we hit up the Sunset Safari. Paul and Max are great fans of the zoo. Paul enjoys the animals and teaching Max about them; Max enjoys running around with more freedom than usual.

Anxious for a boat ride!


Max and Daddy!
After exploring the boat rides and Africa, we got some dinner at the snack bar. It was not so notable. But Max's endless flirting with the little girls at the next table - now that was something.

They had an entire section of different cars for little ones. As expected, Max had to try them ALL.

 Driving may not be top on the skills list:

In the jaws of the beast!


We wrapped the night up with time on the Carousel. And Max is still not a fan. They tried. :-)

More catching up to come!!!

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