25 January 2011

Christmas III: Ruoccorama

Our second leg of the Christmas trip took us to Grandpa Joe and Grandma Cathy's house in the Ta (a.k.a. Wichita). This portion of any trip usually entails a great deal of silliness and fun. And then having Max along is great, too.

We started the evening by completing a bet Joe had with me when I was a sophomore in high school. He had bet $11 that I could not eat a cracker with anchovy paste. I needed gas money, so I tried. I gagged. I lost. Well, on Christmas Eve, I made a comeback. I ate a REAL anchovy on a cracker. $11 well earned. Then I did a money dance for Ben to revel in my triumph.

Jamie tried to keep Max from the madness with some reading of a new book from Grandpa.

Since Max had to get to bed, we did our Christmas and dinner asap.
Ben and Jamie got the boy a BBQ grill, complete with every accessory one could imagine.

Joe's labor of love (still) is gathering an entire collection of Cars Shake 'n Go toys. He made quite a start and presented Max with the collection and rug on which to drive the cars. These stay at Grandpa and Grandma's so that Max gets them all over again any time we visit.

Then there was a lull in the action while Max went to bed, and we waited for Rob and Sara to arrive. We busied ourselves with goofy pictures and watching Joe nap.

Then the party started again, with the adults exchanging gifts. We choose names each year. But I think that this year, Jamie's idea for Joe took the cake. See below.

Jamie got Joe a nose-shaped shower gel dispenser. Nice.

Rob and Sara gave Max this great train puzzle that blows its horn if you get all of the pieces.

After church, Max went back to grilling.

And here is a picture of me and my mom that I'm adding because we're cute.

Merry Christmas, again.

One more coming!

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