15 January 2011

Christmas I: Just the three of us...

Wow - so in reality, having lots of family means have lots of Christmases. This year, it meant lots of driving, but it also meant lots of fun. So Max had, I believe, four Christmases. So I'm going to try to break this whole thing up into those four events. And I hope to goodness I get it done before Max's 2nd birthday - which is in LESS THAN A MONTH people. How crazy is that? My baby is a little boy. Nuts.

Anyhow, Christmas Numero Uno:
We decided to have our own little Christmas the weekend before we embarked on all of our journeys to others' homes. It was a pleasant evening, and we got to see Max enjoy some of his gifts before we had to leave.

Max enjoyed a little Wizard of Oz while Paul and I set up his big gift...

We decided to get Max a little desk. He likes to sit in our chairs and pretend and color, so we got him his own space.

A later picture illustrates that he does, indeed, like his desk.

After the desk, we moved on to coloring books, little gadgets, and treats.

Then, of course, a little Thomas and his new KU Monster truck - the two new toys I have to have in my purse at nearly all times.

Daddy received an AWESOME personalized Star Wars Apron, Star Wars Pancake molds and a Vader spatula. Max later received his backordered apron as well.

Daddy actually had NO idea. We kept a secret for once.

The "present" picture.


Mommy got a surprise, too, and one that was definitely a secret.

Some new diamond earrings. Guess I was a good girl. :-)

It was a fun evening and probably the last Christmas in this first house of all of ours. And it was a great start to the Christmas run!

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