18 January 2011

Christmas II: Borchardtorama

Part one of our journey took us to Lawrence, KS, the home of Paul's parents, Ron and Pam.

While Paul finished up work before the holidays, Pam and I tried to help Max bake his first batch of Christmas cookies. Of course, he sported the adorable apron that Kelly got him (I have a matching one). We made it through a batch or so before the boy moved on to other things...

After Paul and Ron came home, the present opening began.
Appetizer: Hot Wheels, Trucks, Whistle

Main Course 1: Bean Bag Chair

Side Course: Daddy's needs.

Vegetables: Clothes that you always get but only on the way to more toys.

Enjoying all the gifts at once, including the Boston Patriot hat from Rob and Sara.

After a yummy-delicious dinner of cranberry chicken, we gave Max a bath and let him open a few more surprises.
From the Bostonians - a Percy!

How many Borchardt men does it take to open the box??


Little People...

After Max went to bed, the real party began.

After a good night's sleep, we awoke to a breakfast of fresh fruit and a tasty Christmas Tree pastry from Munchers. And bacon. Lots of bacon. Yummm.

Dessert: Kelly and Phil gave Max more Thomas the Train gear. We had to save it for the morning after, otherwise, the kid would have never slept.

Daddy and Max putting things together.

Grandpa and Max having a final discussion on the merits of Little People construction equipment.

And some carols before leaving for Wichita.
We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas...

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