08 December 2010


Once again this year, our little family made the annual trek around eastern Kansas to visit our families at Thanksgiving. While sometimes the driving can be hard on the little man, we definitely have a great time once we arrive. We were able to share time with almost everyone this trip. Here are some highlights!

These were with my father, a.k.a. Fuzzy, and my stepmother, a.k.a. GG. We had a nice day at their house showing Max off to GG's family, my stepbrother, Cory, and the rest of the gang.

Some nice looking kids here!

GG had cars all ready for Max!

The ever-elusive smile picture:

Some family shots!

After visiting my father, we journeyed to Wichita to see my mom and stepfather. Max got to play with more cars, have more dinner, and join in the annual playing of games that occurs after dinner!

Grandpa and Max studying as many cars as possible before dinner:

Ben and Jamie, behaving:

Ben and Jamie, not behaving:

The boys' side of the table:

The girls' side:


Yummy - grapes!

Max patrolled the kitchen as clean-up ensued.

Game time!

Mom and Joe take this very seriously.

Ben, Jamie, and I - not so much.

We visited the Dugout, where Max played with more cars...

Then we headed up to Lawrence to visit Grandma and Grandpa B as well as Kelly, Phil, and Pat.

Grandpa got Max to smile for a couple of quick shots...

Kelly and I were lazy and just laid under Minky. I guess that explains why I don't have more pictures here!

A day later, we put up the tree and unveiled it for the little dude:

Christmas, here we come!

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