16 December 2010

Christmas is coming!

Many of you know that Christmas is my favorite time of the year. For a while there, I had a hard time with Christmas, but Paul helped bring my spirit back. And with Max joining the party, I feel the Christmas spirit coming on strong.

So yes, I've had the Seasonal Music channel playing Christmas songs since Dec. 1. I put up the tree, the stockings, the cards, the treats. Partridge Family Christmas Album, Feliz Navidad. The whole shebang. It's all coming back, folks.

Max is even picking up the gist, walking around saying, "Santa, presents, treats, ho-ho-ho." He likes to reread over and over his Night Before Christmas, as recorded by Fuzzy and GG. He likes to look at the tree and its ornaments, the star, the "stowman", the "jaychalk", and Santa. He even comes home from Parents' Day Out singing "Jingle Bells." Too much.

Since this is probably our last Christmas in Kansas City, Paul and I have been taking Max to many of the local events, from Brookside to Crown Center.

The Brookside Holiday Lighting:

While seeing Father Christmas was nice, I think the free sugar cookie sealed the deal for Max. And Paul.

On to the Plaza, where Max very much enjoyed watching the horse-drawn carriages, the lights, and all of the "peoples".

This morning, I decided I would either be very brave or very foolish. I would attempt to take Max to Crown Center to visit Santa without back-up from Paul.
Max was having a good morning, so I was hopeful.

Would I get sweet and innocent Max?

Would I get the flirt (even in love with himself)?

Or would I get this Max? :-)

Turns out, I got good, sweet Max. He sat nicely with Santa, even staring straight at the camera as usual. Santa was even impressed with his behavior. Then we played in Crayola Village before listening to a children's choir and having lunch.

This weekend, we'll be going to Union Station to see KC Southern's Santa Train. Can't wait!

Until then, Ho, Ho, Ho!

Couldn't resist adding last year's picture for reference. Thinking Max must have a Santa pose. Just the hair and clothes change.

Merry almost Christmas!

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