19 December 2010

Christmas with Rob ... and TRAINS!

So we've established that Max loves trains. Max also loves my brother Rob. So what better way to celebrate early Christmas than trains with Rob. And so that's exactly what we did today.

Max started his day by busting some moves in his dapper train wear to the Little Drummer Boy (classic version, not Bowie version).

And yeah, we taped it. It's so cute. And he literally has more moves than Paul and I put together. And the picture will right itself in a moment.

Litting Dancing Boy

My older brother Rob came over for some early Christmas celebrations and to share his love of trains with Max and his love of trains. Lots of train love in our home. We headed out to Union Station to see the model trains, visit Santa and the Santa Train, and generally take in everything. Here are some highlights from the day.

Rob and Max, enjoying trains.

Max TOTALLY is getting this Santa thing down. He even told Santa and Mrs. Claus what was up at the end of the visit.

Here are some pictures from inside the Kansas City Southern Santa Train - a combo of really cheesy and really cute.

Aunt Buffie believes this one should have the caption "But Uncle Rob, why won't you buy me this train for Christmas?" Ha!

After touring Rudy, the train, we took Max back inside the station to ride the little train. Well - maybe. Paul didn't think Max could take on the little person train all by himself. I asserted strongly that I thought he could. Max's going to PDO has helped create a bit of independence and willingness to try things that other kids are doing. I had confidence. The result: happiness.

As Paul gathered Max from the train, he told Max how proud he was of his behavior and what a good boy he was. Max just looked at Paul, put his hand to his own chest, tapped it, and said, "Smart." Ha, ha! Score one for the Max-man.

Train Ride

After riding the little-dude train, we took Max over to Crown Center for dinner. We had a super-casual night - burgers, fries, and waters. And Max, well, Max read for a while because he was bored with our pre-dinner conversation.

Then, of course, he ate our fries. Then, he just ate ketchup. Yep, proudest parenting moment of my life: my son at ketchup for dinner. Oh boy.

Ketchup Eater

But it was a great day, we had tons of fun, got in the Christmas spirit, and we will probably get a good night's sleep. Thanks to Uncle Rob for providing the inspiration and fun for such a great day!

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