10 June 2010

Words, words, words. . . and a picture or two

The Professor -or the blog post also entitled, Mommy's chance to brag a little.

People keep asking me how many words Max has - and by has, we'll say that he says it clearly enough to indicate he knows the object/action to which the word belongs. So Paul and I have made a list. Here goes:

Mama Dada car bus airplane (airpain) trash tractor go peaches picture Princess (Papa Bob's dog) bird bye-bye clock cheese shirt shoes(it is my kid) pants toes high chair happy jayhawk pinwheel woof-woof on off up hi
no-no-no eye nose ear hair hat choo-choo (for train) ball tent wow
d-sish(for delicious) water pampa(for Grandpa Joe) pretty tickle toot corn hot that?(as a question for what things are)

... So 47 that he knows and regularly uses.

He has said words like book, fish, hippo (bipo), boy, baby, and so forth, but not really often enough to be considered part of the mix. Our little dude turned 16 months old yesterday, and I'm pretty sure at this point, we'd love the heck out of him even with no words.

We recently had professional pictures done (mostly so I could be in a few) by Shefali Shah (almost Lindsey), a local structural engineer turned photographer.

She did a great job - here's a sample:

And a few more:

And a funny one to me. I give you, presidential candidate Max Borchardt, with the right vision for the future:

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Julie said...

Nice family pictures!