10 June 2010

May highlights!

Wow - so much time has passed since last I wrote, but Max keeps plugging along. He's really grown into a little boy,25 pounds and over 31 inches now, and we're enjoying doing so much more stuff with him. I need to do several posts, so I'll start here...

Mother's Day
Once again, Max participated in our annual trip to Wichita to do the River Run, a two-miler that he's done two years in a row. Next year, he and his friend John (my friend Kerri's son of the same age) will do the Tot Trot. Cannot wait! This year's theme was River Me Timbers - thus the eye patches.
And he's spent:

We also visited Hutch to see Grandpa Fuzzy and GG. My dad had put up a swing for Max in the backyard, so we played and had some Mexican afterward.

We returned to Wichita that night for a barbeque with our extended family - lots of moms and future moms. The highlight was when, at bedtime, Max started dancing to the ring on Jamie's phone. He's really developing some moves:

On Mother's Day, Max celebrated by composing me a tune. I think it's funny how he's gone from pounding to this very gentle style. A real music lover.

What a little gift!

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