10 June 2010

May highlights continued - Memorial Day

Over Memorial Day weekend, we decided to go on our first long roadtrip of the season to visit my Grandfather and his wife Shirley in Paducah, KY. Max met them last October, but he's changed just a wee-bit since then.

On the trip, we ventured first to St Louis, visiting the zoo.
Little boy in hotel room:

The next day, we made it to Paducah for our visit. We spent lots of time just talking and enjoying each other's company. Max loved Shirley and Papa Bob, but he also took a liking to Princess - the dog.

While in Paducah, we also visited Metropolis, home of Supermax, I mean, Superman, as well as visiting the site of the Lincoln-Douglas debates and Giant City Park, Ill.

Mostly, Max enjoyed sitting back and visiting:

And trying lemons!
It really was a great visit, and as my grandfather said, 90 years may separate them in age, but they bonded just fine! Thanks Grandad and Shirley for such a great time!

After returning home, Paul, Max, and I enjoyed a low key Memorial Day with the sandbox, swimming, and some beers.

Now - on to June!

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