10 June 2014

Miscellany, Spring 2014

More life of Max! 

Max and Lord Business. Crazy hair, don't care! 

Big Darth and Little Darth

Big Darth and Little Darth. Ha!

Max and Daddy camp out!

Where's Max?

Paul allowed this. Once. Ha!

He had tried a dumpling at school and wanted more.
Let's just say the school ones must've been better.

Enjoying a friend's party!

Tarzan Max!

Walk with Mommy to the golf course.

He wanted to stop and take a photo with the flowers.

Max likes to go to Deerfield Park because they have exercise equipment on their little trail. And that can cause all kinds of fun. Oh boy.

Paul and Kelly exercising at Deerfield Park.

This one's a little cuter. :-)

Dancing shoes for Retro Cocktail Hour!  

Storms a coming!

He also likes to shovel mulch. Ha!

Preschool  field trip at the nature center.

Cutie Preschool Graduate.
(My goodness, he looks old here.)

Always looks so tiny in the dental chair. 

Facepainting at Brookside Art Fair! 

Have a little cookie with that icing, dude.

Out to the farm for asparagus picking! 

Gotta love Max's color combos. :-)

Embarassed by mommy at the Food Truck Fest! No photos please! 

Darth Octopus!

Napping with Uncle Wob at Grandma's house! 
Meeting famous people, Denver Broncos CB Chris Harris! Super Duper Nice Guy!
That's how we roll!

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