10 June 2014

Birthday Review and Other Springtime Doings

Back on February 9, Max turned 5! For his fifth birthday, he wanted to get a pet fish, so we took him to Pet World and let him pick out a beta. 
Max and Gilligan, his pet fish. Yes, Gilligan is still with us.
This year, he also got to have a friend party, so he requested that he have a bowling party at the Jaybowl in the Kansas Union. Here's the man with a few buds. It ended up snowing that morning, but I think everyone wanted to get out of the house because most everyone invited was able to make it! 

And yes, it was a train-themed bowling party!
Yippee for five!

The ladies love him! Sandwich hug by Katie and Bella. 

Max also got to party with family for his birthday! Ron and Pam came over. Aunt Kelly was in town for a job interview, so she got to celebrate. Uncle Rob came over, and Grandma Cathy and Grandpa Joe came up later.

Uncle Wob with the steam engine hook up! 

Benny, Jamie, and Dexter sent up balloons with money inside. He had a great time trying to get it out. 

Working on a present with Grandma Cathy.
Steam train videos!

Exciting cards! 

Max got another celebration with Fuzzy and GG, as they gave him a Chuck E. Cheese card. The next time we went to Wichita, we hit that up!

Max's other favorite thing aside from opening presents: shoveling snow.

Couple other cute pictures
This kid loves his Orange Leaf!
Getting ice cream with Grandpa B at the soda fountain in the pharmacy school on campus.

Lunch out with friends Malia and Quinn!

Next post - more crazy pictures of the life of Max!

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