26 May 2011

Play Time

Most of you get to see Max when he is all revved up and excited. And he is often this way, even just with us. For example, Saturday morning basketball is one of his favorite games.

You know we've been trying to teach Max some D, too.

There are moments of quiet play, playing by himself, where he invents little stories, games, and such that not everyone gets to see. So when he started playing with his farmhouse, and, of course, putting his Hot Wheels on the farm, I took a few videos from my phone so everyone can see how funny and special this little guy is in his quiet moments. (Sorry it's all parsed up;I didn't want to go get the camera because that usually distracts him.)

So cute and sweet. We love that little man.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Here's to hoping little Baby Cousin arrives this weekend for Ben and Jamie! Can't wait!

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